Successful transition and improved quality – Connect Wilson production site in Penglai, China, fulfills expectations

The specialty chemicals producer Connect Wilson in Penglai, China, has successfully transitioned all key customers to use WinCon 2 manufactured at the new production site in Penglai.

For several months already the new production has been continuously running, not only for WinCon 2 and WinCon 205, but also for the associated intermediates that are all produced in house. For WinCon 2 production constant rates of more than 9’000kg/day have been achieved.

Not only the introduction and transition has been successful, but even further the new production lines proof to be very efficient and allowing for a more consistent and enhanced product quality. As a consequence Connect Wilson is able to guarantee supply of this improved quality to its customers and tightens the product specifications on WinCon 2 by increasing the minimum purity of the product to >99.7% as well as adding additional characteristics like insoluble and ash content.

Our R&D work is now focused on further improving and optimizing the production processes to make best possible use of the fully automated plant and help our customers to stay competitive.

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