Visit of the Godfather of Guitar

Connect Chemicals is supporting a project of the famous German guitarist Peter Bursch. His project EURO ROCK invites young European musicians to get together in order to learn from other musicians and to compose new songs in a new band constellation. The focus of that project is the cultural youth exchange and the opportunity to play gigs in different locations.

Peter Bursch is founder, composer and guitarist of the Band “Bröselmaschine”, one of the oldest rock bands in Germany. He is studio guitarist for famous German bands such as BAP, BLÄCK FÖÖSS etc. He gives guitar lessons in universities, music academies and high schools. Peter Bursch is also an author of many guitar- and song books that have been released in many countries worldwide.

The project EURO ROCK got an award for being a specially eligible Youth-Project in 2010. We are very happy to support this year’s initiative with a donation. This year`s EURO ROCK takes place from 04.08. – 13.08.2017 in Duisburg.

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