Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Gattefossé Canada

Toronto, Canada, July 25th 2017- Gattefossé has signed the exclusive distribution agreement with Connect Chemicals for Glory´s bio-Propanediol. The agreement involves the distribution of the multipurpose and natural ingredient bio-Propanediol in Canada by Gattefossé.

Gattefossé is a leading provider of specialty ingredients and formulation solutions for the beauty and health care industries worldwide and is a value-added partner for us.

Connect Chemicals is committed to provide the market with bio-Propanediol produced by Glory Biomaterial (China) as official exclusive distributor in Europe.
Glory Biomaterial is the only producer in the world of bio-Propanediol COSMOS certified, GMO-free and RSPO, with its proprietary patented production process.

In order to guarantee the best local service in Canada, Connect Chemicals is appointing Gattefossé as the exclusive distributor for bio-Propanediol. Sure, that we all benefit of the great support provided by Gattefossé in Canada.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact Dario Monti.


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